Passionate love, kinky wild child, super affectionate cuddle buddy... I am Elena.


Age                    27,


Nationality Russian,


Blonde, love different hairstyles.


Pure feminine energy with natural C breast and sexy buttocks.



Friend (26.05.2019)
Hello, Ellena. You are more than classy. Thank you
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soltan (25.03.2019)
Hello good night alena. I want you for an hour or two hours. Do you like the price?
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Classy Elena
I sent a direct email, how you can contact me
wesr (01.11.2018)
nice photos exciting
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slz (09.09.2018)
Hello miss elena. I watched your advertisement from internet and i am attracted by your charmimg style deeply. I an traveling to Moscow for several days one person now and feel lonely at night. may yougive me warmth tonight? looking froward to receive your sincere reply ^_^
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